Dcma Complain,Copyright Violations

4tubehq.com is a search engine,we only link to content,keep in mind that your first complain the site which host illegal and copyright material on the server/host We not a Us American Company and we not need follow up the rules of the Unites States,but we take coopyright violations serious,we produce porn also! If any link/thumb on our website you find and you sure they is a coopyright violated act ,just use our form below to info us and make a dcma complain,send us please linking url and thumb url ,so we can identify that and can delete that link easily. Give us up to one week for deleting it,faster and be more sure for you,inform the host(xhamster or any other tube we link to) where the illegal/copyright material is hosted,if they deleted it,the link will get automatically deleted here,because we just spider this tubes daily

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